Is my phone supported?

Hotel Tycoon Resort supports hundreds of java-enabled mobile phones, including but not limited to:

BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, Panasonic, Sagem, Sharp, Siemens, Alcatel, Garmin-Asus, Kyocera, Pantech, Sanyo and T-Mobile.

You own an Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm or Bada (Samsung Wave) phone? We just started to develop these versions. They will be available soon.

Don't forget to build ways...

the more the better. Connect each of your buildings with your main hotel building, otherwise it won't work at all.

Spend your cash, you won't make any debts

Maintenance costs for your buildings are due on midnight, so if you have some cash to spare right before, spend it on a new building or upgrade an existing one - you don't have to pay any interest for your debts.

Use sparetime to collect money

Want some additional money? Grab some lost coins appearing every now and then. You don't have to get them - but who wouldn't while waiting for a building or an upgrade to get done?

Waiting for more money while you already have a positive cashflow?

Press the *-key to fastforward the time. (Certainly this is supported only on devices with an asterisk-key)

Upgrade your buildings

Upgrades increase the revenues as well as the attractivity of the buildings.

I have problems solving the tax level / mission...

If you can't solve the tax mission, here are some tips:

General hints to solve the tax level

Just try to build and upgrade lots of buildings as quick as possible and build enough ways around the buildings too.

Soon before the first payment is due - if you need some more cash, just sell a few of the buildings and rebuild - or even better - replace them with better ones, as soon as possible.

Known bug / issue with initial version

There's an issue in the early version of the game which has been patched later on.

If you think, you've got this early version, you can solve the level anyway:

You have to have more than 5 active buildings at some point during the first 10 days - otherwise a hint dialog doesn't get triggered and in turn the task-done/failed trigger won't get activated.

I'm struggling with the investors level...

30 days problem / known bug:

I am up to the level, "Investors" and the days allowed to make the $15,000 and gain 100 guests are fewer than what the "father" says - in his dialogue he says that you have 30 days, but we are really only given 15. […] No matter how fast I build apartments or upgrade buildings I still fail the mission.

There's a textbug in early versions of the game, which has been patched. Anyway, the mission is designed for 15 days. Read the solution of the question below to solve the level.

I can't gain 100 guests

I'm struggling with the investors level, no matter what I do, I always seem to make a loss instead of profit and can only get up to [n] guests

There's a small cheat possible - the game versions (up to 1.0.4) only test for the 100 guests so you don't have to focus on the $15.000 (you'll usually be at 15k when you have 100 guests anyway).

One trick to manage the number of guests is, build enough appartment buildings soon enough. The potential number of guests depends on multiple factors - number and quality of the existing buildings but also on the available beds (no one wants to be in an overbooked hotel), so it'll be easier to get enough guests with f.i. 130 or 150 beds than only 110.

Also in this level it's better to have more of the cheaper buildings (upgraded of course) than fewer of the more expensive ones.